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The technology and innovation ecosystem, which involves startups, venture capitalists and other players, presents complex legal challenges that require a particular mix of cooperation and adaptation skills, along with a specialized knowledge of the relationships between law, risk and technology.

For this reason, Fcmlaw created Tech Venture Law, a set of legal solutions designed to address those challenges.

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Faria, Cendão & Maia - Fcmlaw

Fcmlaw was founded in 2014 focusing on solving the biggest legal challenges related to businesses dealing with innovative technologies andventure capital, becoming the pioneer firm in Tech Venture Law in Brazil.  

From its origin to the present day more than 1,000 startups, investors, accelerators, Venture Capital funds and large corporations have relied on Fcmlaw’s legal counseling.  

Combining our great experience with security, agility and efficiency, Fcmlaw is one of the main legal players in the venture capital, innovation andtechnology markets in Brazil. 

Our team is formed by multidisciplinary professionals with extensive expertise in the technological and venture capital environment, which allows usto present efficient legal solutions to the market.

Areas of expertise


We deliver legal advice and technical specialization adapted to the New Economy, which enablesthe process of an Early Stage and passes through the technical sieve of Scale-Ups and Unicorns.

Venture Capital

Our professionals have the experience and expertise to advise companies, investors, funds and managers on the legal challenges of Venture Capital, from the Term Sheet to Exit.


We work with companies inserted in the New Economy and assist in Corporate Innovation models, facilitating the legal structures of innovative projects, dialogues with startups and spin-offs.


Different approaches
and methodology

We use Legal Design and Lean Law to make
our deliveries even leaner, more effective
and adapted to the dynamic environment
of innovation and technology.

Legal Design

Legal Design is a set of Design resources, tools and processes dedicated to building valuable solutions in the legal environment. Here Law dialogues with Design to offer more efficiency, clarity, security and a better user experience in interaction with our products and services.

Lean Law

Lean Law helps in structuring projects using agile methods that allow the creation of backlogs, the definition of priorities and work based on sprints, in order to streamline and optimize deliveries, manage resources more efficiently and generate more value to customers.

Squads and Tools

With multidisciplinary and collaborative teams, we form squads capable of providing greater assertiveness and efficiency in structuring solutions and deliveries.


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With the plurality of experiences of our team, we are able to share solutions
seen from different perspectives, adding knowledge, value and security for
your decision making.


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